Teacher Effectiveness

Teacher Evaluation Services

School districts across the country are in the process of developing and implementing new Teacher Evaluation systems that advance meaningful professional development and student learning outcomes.

Dr. Silverberg supports this process by facilitating challenging conversations, providing district-wide program roll-out, and mentoring district evaluators. His new book,
10 Models of Teacher Evaluation (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers), and documentary, "Grading the Teachers: An Exploration into Teacher Evaluation" (Choices, Inc.), highlight this critical national issue.
Curriculum Audits

The Common Core and state Standards have caused school districts to ensure that teachers are teaching and assessing the requisite skills to maximize student success.

To support this effort, Dr. Silverberg provides customized Curriculum Audits that evidence strengths and challenges by content area; grade-level; building/district; vertical/horizontal alignment. This work is based on his 6-year research of the Standards movement and his publication of STEPS Standard Themes for Educational Progress™ (McDonald & Woodward Publishers), a PreK-12 series of Standards-based curriculum guides for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.